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shoes the Sole court block heel Black 'Gianni' suedette fit mid Good for wide 75qx66


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    HIDDEN DEPTHS  Beneath Jupiter’s clouds, the planet’s magnetic field (illustrated) behaves differently in the northern and southern hemispheres.


    DO NOT GO GENTLY  We may soon know if the recent dust storm that enveloped Mars has killed the Opportunity rover, which has been hunkered down in Perseverance Valley (pictured above on July 7, 2017) for months.  


    ICE BE GONE  A new deicing material could reduce ice buildup on plane wings and other surfaces, to curb the use of environmentally unfriendly chemical sprays.

    Jim Larrison/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

    DOUBLE SIXES  Saturn’s hexagon (pictured) has a new friend. A second six-sided vortex, not visible here, has appeared hundreds of kilometers above this one.

    JPL-Caltech/NASA, Space Science Institute

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    A new material harnesses light to deice surfaces

    A new sun-powered material could someday melt the ice off airplane wings, wind turbines and rooftops.
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    The massive Mars dust storm is waning. Now, will Opportunity wake?

    With a global dust storm on Mars finally passing, NASA hopes that its Opportunity rover will soon phone home.
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    Scientists have used CRISPR’s molecular scissors in beagle puppies to repair a genetic mutation that causes muscular dystrophy.
    News in Brief

    How the poppy got its pain-relieving powers

    Analyzing the poppy’s genome reveals the evolutionary history of morphine.

    Artificial intelligence could improve predictions for where quake aftershocks will hit

    Scientists trained an artificial intelligence system to figure out where aftershocks are likely to occur.

    The strength of gravity has been measured to new precision

    Researchers have measured Newton’s gravitational constant, known as Big G, with the greatest precision yet.

    Electrons surf protons’ waves in a new kind of particle accelerator

    For the first time, scientists accelerated electrons using plasma waves from proton beams.
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    Officials raise Puerto Rico’s death toll from Hurricane Maria to nearly 3,000 people

    Nearly 3,000 Puerto Ricans died due to Hurricane Maria as of February 2018, according to a new report.

    The United States and Brazil top the list of nations with the most gun deaths

    Globally, the estimated number of gun deaths due to homicides, suicides and unintentional injuries went up from 1990 to 2016.

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    In calculations involving about 2,000 quantum bits, a D-Wave machine reproduced the behavior of exotic substances.
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    As algae blooms increase, scientists seek better ways to predict these toxic tides

    Scientists around the United States are developing programs that can predict harmful algal blooms in advance.
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    Item No. 0670103001

    These versatile court shoes from Good For The Sole will elevate any smart-casual ensemble. Designed for a wide fit with comfort cushioning, they're finished in soft faux suede with a marble effect patent block heel for a modern appeal.

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